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 episode where they visit bobby mackey memorial

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PostSubject: episode where they visit bobby mackey memorial   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:24 pm

my condolenses for the loss of Carl Lawson.

but i must also say thank god the crew understood that going back in that area yet again was a very bad idea...after all those things they been through with the place, with spirits followin them home and clinging to them for years, causing such disturbances in their lives goin back in would be extremely dangerous and foolish. in fact i would suggest that if they ever needed to go back for another lockdown that they bring an army of priests actually on the lockdown with them. even then their safety isnt guaranteed. not just for the longterm effects of havin spirits follow them home and cling to them again, m,essin with their lives again, but also because they can get attatched to the place as well. when their own times to pass from this live finally arrive , hopefully many many years away, if they still have attatchments to that place they could also find their own souls stuck there as well. it isnt just the spiritds that cling to the living but sometimes these palces have an energy that attracts people and their souls upon passing as well, sometimes it is people who are lured or drawn in and glued to a place after death as well. they must watch for signs of this aleways with any such location of negativity they have visited...itf the effects of that place drain them even when they are away, if they miss being there for ANY reason at all, if they have a desire or curiosity to go back and cant stop thinkin about it, obsessing over it, find themselves reading about it, lookin at pics alot and taking the opportunity whenever they find it to drive by it...sometimes a place of power of negativity has a soul of its own , a power of its own, and acts like a giant black hole swallowing all those who enter it.
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episode where they visit bobby mackey memorial
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