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 new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary

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PostSubject: new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary   Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:51 am

if you saw the new episode tonight of ghost adventures then you know they investigated a cemetary in the woods that had been abandoned years ago. this cemetary has had incidents reported of devil worship/sacrificial rituals taking place as well as being a body dump for the mob.

during the show they spent a lot of time chasing white glowing orbs that were unexplained as to what they were and why or how they got there.

its possible it was just ghosly energy floating around or a very large normal spirit orb. its also possible it was the energy manipulations of other types of spirit energies such as demons or shadows. it could have been overabundances of natural spirit energies in the area if they are near or in a place of power such as a leyline...

but my personal take on it is that as i watched them chase it around, i realized as did they that the orb seemed to have some intelligence and may be tryin to lead them away from the cemetary. this is a huge clue to its real nature. sure it still could be just a ghost that dont want them there but when did you ever know for sure of a ghost behaving that way with a solid orb of light to lead people away from stuff? ive never really heard of human ghosts doin that. if it were demonic then why lead the guys away at all since the guys provide a feeding source of energy? typically shadows and demons will scare or intimidate if they want to be left alone otherwise they will stay around populated areas or areas where people go to in order to feed off the energy people bring. while it isnt impossible demonic or shadowy entities may manipulate energy balls into white light orbs to lead people away from areas it is kinda unlikely.

that leads me to believe one of two things currently. based on the fact the light orb seemed to have intelligence i dont think its random blobs of leyline energy. i think it is likely either a nature spirit or guardian of the area trying to protect the woods and the cemetary area, or else its an unseelie fae. in case you dont know, the unseelie court of fae are the darker kinds of fae. they are the ones most notorious for playin pranks on humans sometimes very dangerous pranks that can kill people. they are notorious for appearing at night time in the woods as orbs of light to lead people away from the paths so they get lost in the woods and die. they are also known for leading people away from paths and then kidnapping them into the otherworld. people in this case simply disappear from our plane of existence without a trace. its called being spirited away. another trick of dark fae at night alone ion the woods is to come up to a weary traveler in the form of a horse or pony and appear to be a lucky break where the traveler can then ghet on the horse to releive himself from walking. at that point the dark fae traps the rider on its back and carries them off on a wild chaotic nightmare of a ride into the deep deep wilds and maybe even fae realms. there are reports also of these types of fae horses then either releasing the human to laugh wildly as they are lost in the woods so far away tryin to find the way back or else they eat them.

But these are fae you might in from europe. what are they doin here? well why cant they travel? europeans traveled didnt they? maybe some of them followed the fact that is the theory in cases where elves and fae have been claimed to be spotted here in the americas...

in short its prolly a very good thing they DID NOT follow that orb...


the werewolf lookin pic very well could have been a spirit wolf...or else a sort of werewolf like creature...there are actually reports around the world of sightings of wolf-humanoids that resemble werewolves...which is also a dark type of fae. the reports of werewolf like creature sightings i know of have ocurred in the wisconsin area as well as my own state of michigan. the exact true nature of the beast seen that appears to be physical (there are prolly some spirits of the beast as well as physical living ones) is unknown. it may be its own species and not human at all. it it may walk on 2 legs but that doesnt mean its actually a paranormal event or magic curse or weird viral infection in humans that makes them change shape. no one has had a direct contact event and survived to be able to report any more detail than the basics. at least no one who wasnt bitten and changed if such a thin can actually happen i dont know...but what people have described is they look like a gnoll or werewolf capable of walkin on 2 legs or 4 and run very fast. they have been spotted in packs. they have been reported to steal dead deer from the backs of hunters trucks.

oh and this main werewolf explaination page is good too...

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PostSubject: Re: new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary   Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:19 pm

Wow Ussula I'm going to go do some reading. Love the fairie world.
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PostSubject: Re: new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary   Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:42 am

i just remembered to come back here and give you guys this link on the faerie lights at night. just as a starter for info seeking since you seem interested.

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PostSubject: Re: new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary   

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new episode ghost adventures in a cemetary
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