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 episode - house of the poet

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PostSubject: episode - house of the poet   Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:02 pm

Zak asks what happens to ghosts when they are responding well and clear and frequently then suddenly they stop. He asks if they are shifting in and out of dimensions. Does this just happen regardless of their own free wills? Or something to that effect....

While none of us will know for sure till we get there ourselves, I will say my thesis on the topic...

It has long been believed by ancient pagans and now even by modern pagans in general terms, that when we sleep, we relax enough that our minds and souls open up to spiritual things. We are vulnerable to good and bad spritual things while in this state. We dream in the spirit realm, on the astral plane where ghosts reside, the place between this waking life and the other side of the light, in the ethereal seams...

The reason our dreams shift without our control is thought to be because our energies and thoughts and words and desires and fears psycically manifest in the astral around us and constantly change with our thoughts. But also, because it is a plane of existence, other people dreaming are there too and ghosts too and sometimes evil or good spirit entitiues of all kinds and even gods can deliver messages to us in our dreaming states...The contact with these other beings on the dreaming plane/astral collides with our own personal psychic projection of our thoughts, causing the dreams to shift even more wildly and out of our personal control most of the time..

the exception to this is during lucid dreams...most people do not know how to force a lucid dream and usually it occurs by happenstance very rarely if at all for anyone...

usually a lucid dream consists of a feeling of higher knowledge, higher awareness of oneself, of the real reality, of better control over ones thoughts and actions as if awake, and better control over the dreamscape as if one were the god of the dream itself, able to shift its contents at their free will...usually this state only lasts a moment or two before it is lost once more...the thought is that lucid dreams, this feelings happen here, the colors more bright and vivid and more real than reality, because it is a cross over beyond the astral seams to the actual spritlands.....

When we wake from dreams we forget them...usually...or only recall fragments..this coincides with the theory of reincarnation where most people do not recall any kind of existence before this life but there are a few who claim to be able to, usually since they were kids. As they grow, often the memories of past lives disappear. This can be likened to crossing the river Stix...the veil...

And so in general, my thoughts are that being a ghost who hasnt crossed over yet is like being in a dream, which constantly shifts with the tides between planes and levels of planes, into other entities realms or other dreamers may be like a dream...
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PostSubject: Re: episode - house of the poet   Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:18 am

i forgot to mention earlier...yes the granite and quartz in the ground will record psychic imprints easily...they hold energy as well which is why we use them in quartz watches as batteries...and now days they are even beginning to use quartz crystal in electronics
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episode - house of the poet
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