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 Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos...

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Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos... Empty
PostSubject: Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos...   Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos... EmptyFri Dec 09, 2011 1:36 pm

So I thought I'd put this topic up after talking about motion streaks in another thread.

My view of them is along the lines of this: (copied from my groups site because Im being lazy and not typing it again Very Happy lol)

The Orb Phenomenon...

A growing controversy: An orb is a small, often semi-transparent circle of light found in photos. Many people who research the paranormal believe these orbs to be a visual form of energy being transferred to the spirit. According to the natural laws of physics, when energy is transferred like this it assumes its natural form, a sphere. This would also explain why we often get fluctuations on Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) meters during spirit activity. They are gaining energy from our physical world and therefore changing the Electro-Magnetic Fields of our world. Other people, however, believe that these small circles of light have nothing paranormal to them but instead they are caused by dust, insects or moisture amongst other things reflecting the light. A claim they back up by experimenting with taking photos after filling the air with dust to create fake orbs. Our belief that these orbs are of paranormal nature is hard if not impossible to prove, and is made harder by the fact that most people who don't believe it, also don't believe in spirits.
I am not saying that every photo I take that has an orb in it is really a spirit gathering energy. As the experiments of people have shown, dust, moisture and insects can all reflect light in ways that make them look like orbs. However, that isn't to say that all pictures containing orbs are caused by dust, moisture, or insects. For example, lets take another controversial photography topic, UFOs. I could go out into my back yard throw a Frisbee in the air and take a picture of it from a distance and claim it is a UFO. This does not mean that all UFO pictures are Frisbees.
There are also several flaws with the theory that these orbs are dust:
You can sit in a room and take 100 pictures facing the same direction. Although you will end up with some that have orbs, many won't proving the air is not just full of dust making all pictures appear to have orbs.
The dust theory is further discredited when we start to look at videos of orbs. All too often an orb will come on at one side of the screen move along a path and exit again by going off the side of the screen. Even if this camera is stationary for hours and left recording this might be the only orb you get. But that orb was lit for a good period of time of a fairly long path, and yet none of the other billions of particles of dust entered that path and became lit during the course of the recording? To this you may answer: "But the conditions have to be exactly right for the dust to reflect back at the right angle for the camera to pick it up", and a valid point you would have. But again if this were true would it not be more likely that the orb would have appeared mid screen for a small amount of time and then disappeared mid screen again?

The truth is that nobody knows what causes orbs in each individual photo, unless you set up an experiment with dust or some other anomaly, and the sad fact is we likely never will know. We will all believe what we want to believe.

So, what are your thoughts on the subject?
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Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos...   Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos... EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 5:24 am

the thing is both sides are correct.

dust can reflect light and look like an orb and so do bugs and anything small and reflective can temporarily look like an orb. this gives credibility to the skeptics side because this is a proven fact this can sometimes happen.

but just because this can sometimes happen does not automatically mean all orbs are dust or bugs or other small reflective surfaces. to automatically ssume this is a logical fallacy. just because you know some of the causes of things that are not paranormal orbs appearing on film to look like paranormal orbs does not mean you know them all or have discovered all possible causes. to try to claim so is not just a logical fallacy but bad science. its like the ones that hunt for bigfoot based on some evidence that may or may not be accurate or real. they are hoping it is real and are not givin up their search and they mainly do it scientifically and try not to be biased too much, but then there are the skeptics, who defute all evidence based on the fact it cannot be proven beyond doubt their sources. they say therefore since we have no indisputable evidence of a bigfoot existing that must mean it doesnt exist. these skeptics would be more appropriately named nonbelievers. the term nonbeliever is not meant to be degrading at all but to call them skeptics when they refuse to accept in any way or even conced that this is possible evidence and admit possibilities exist then they are not "skeptical" of the situation but simply refuse to believe it.

as for why does the orb appear as a sphere? probably becasue everything else in the universe made up of pure forms of energy originates as a sphere. the sun, other stars, the moon, planets, even atoms and particles.

so what does that mean? are our spirits on this realm of existence after we die in the form of a sphere? maybe. but i dont think so, or at least if it is we have the option whenever we choose to take the form we want, henceforth peoples reports of seeing ghosts in human form or ghost dogs or whatever. i think it is more likely the orbs are excess energy floating around the area that under the force of gravity and whatever spiritual and cosmic scientific laws that exxist in the universe that we know about or dont yet know about, it goes thru the same processes of stardust cliuds when forming new stars. so lets say that an area of land had a lot of extra energy, either from pockets of energy caught and retained from ley lines or from large groups of people who suffered in battle, or in a house where a tragic death occurred. that energy is not part of a spirit or soul. it may have passed thru a living soul at some point tho. or just passed thru the earth in ley lines. just like a person takes in food that gives them life sustaining energy while alive, that food eventually passes thru them and returns to the earth to repeat the cycle of life. so some spiritual energy is wityhout form and without soul or consciousness. large amounts of such energy however like i said can under its own weight of pressure and gravity and so forth condense together until it sparks to semi-life, creating a "spirit" of sorts, a consciousness without a true soul. these entities can be bansihed into the light where they return to the main energy current. they can be good or negative depending on the energy that made them.

and so i believe some orbs may be these artificial spirits if they have grown large and powerful enough to spark to life and act on their own. other orbs may just be energies in the process of this that are not large or powerful enough yet to spark to life but just like the amino acids floating around in the primordial soup 4billion years ago on earths oceans, they hang about. they just float aimlessly around riding the energy currents. maybe sometimes another spirit will come along and gobble it up much like how a fish wight spy plankton floating on the tides and eat it. maybe ghosts also feed of them and demons too, whioch would explain why demons and shadows like to terrify people but rarely do nay real harm to them. they want living people to produyce the type of energies they can feed on.

another possible explaination of course is that it is a spirit or ghost of some type but that due to current conditions of earth, weather or lighting or other unknown contributing factors, and due to the ability of a persons eyes to see them and the ability of a camera to accurately percieve and film them, they may not make a complete manifestion in our presence and so we only see a small orb or a small mist cloud instead of the whole apparition.

there are probably plenty of other possibilities im not thinking of or know about too.
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Your thoughts on orbs and motion streaks in photos...
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