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 Shadow Creature or a fair folk

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PostSubject: Shadow Creature or a fair folk   Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:23 am

One time I woke up because something pushed my glasses off the dresser. Actual woke me up right before it happened so I could see the entity do it. It looked like a thin, long shaggy haired pre teen bid type ,naked with no sex. It was crouching behind the dresser. It stood up and stared at me I asked it "are you supposed to be here?" Then it turned and loped across the room. I jumped up to follow it. It passed my sons bed and as it did he started moving around in his bed and moaning when it had gotten past his bed he stop and was sleeping peacefully. It loped into the kitchen knocking off a loaf of bread to the floor ,entered the bathroom then disappeared. I was standing in the bathroom with the light on going "huh????" Then to be polite I said "thank you visiting and checking on me". You should be polite to these types of things. Especially because I was having some confusing issues with the paranormal. It was kind of something to check on me and give me comfirmation that I wasn't wasting my time and there was nothing to fear.
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Shadow Creature or a fair folk
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