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 Renaissance Fair

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PostSubject: Renaissance Fair   Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:37 am

We did a fun thing yesterday. We went to a Renaissance fair. This one was a Scottish fair at the time of Robert the Bruce, 1306. We went to one when we lived in PA. That one was Elizabethan and way more sophisticated than this one. The costuming at this one, for the most part, was 150-200 years too advanced. Some of the costuming was to period. This really bothered me for some reason - maybe I lived it and somewhere deep down remember. Oh well. Most people wouldn't notice.

Actually, the Renaissance in Europe did not start until the very late 1400's. The fair should have been called a Medieval fair. To be fair, though, historians call the Gothic building period of the 12th century a sort of Renaissance.

Some of Hubby's customers had booths there - that's why we went. One vendor did wood burnnig and he had a remarkable looking ouija board and quite a lot of Wicca and Celtic stuff. Lots of swords, shields and daggers, too. The crafts were amazing. I almost bought an amethyst crystal, but it didn't feel right to me. It was so terribly, terribly hot - UGH.
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Renaissance Fair
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