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 Evp-a how to.

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Evp-a how to. Empty
PostSubject: Evp-a how to.   Evp-a how to. EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 4:24 pm

Ok since I've seen a few people question about this Ive felt the cattle prod to do a post on it. hehe.

First what you need:
1. a quiet location (time of day does not matter as long as it's quiet. I'll go into more detail into this below)
2. something to make the recording on. A old tape recorder, a digital tape recorder, etc. Just make sure that isn't something that makes a lot of noise while recording or you might not be able to hear the evp. AKA if you're using a old tape recorder and the wheels make noise when they move the tape then that'd not be the best.
3. time - both for doing the recording and for listening to it.
4. Patience-you won't always get responses.
5. questions-you can ask questions as you think of them, have a list of what you want to ask, or a combination of both.

Ok so you've got what you need. Now for the actual method.

First thing is I go to the location, turn on the recording. I speak loudly and with as clear of enunciation (pronouncing) of words as I can. I then narrate to the recorder any constant noises I hear. For example, I was doing one at a cemetery during the day and the birds were singing so I said I hear birds singing. I then introduce myself. Name, why I'm there, the equipment, etc. I also tell the recorder where I am, what time of day it is, weather conditions, etc. I know I've said this several times but make sure you speak loudly and clearly. This is for two reasons 1. so you don't mistake yourself for something else on the recorder and 2. so if you do hear something on the recorder you know it's not you. I then say something like "If you would please respond to me into this recorder I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for any responses you give me." Some people also do a little prayer or what not. I, personally, don't do this step. I have a active guard up against anything too bad coming by me ever so I'm not too worried on this. Furthermore, odds are you're not going to run into anything bad enough that it'll be a problem. Either way it's your choice on that one. Sometimes I'll say you may use my energy or the energy of the recorder to help give yourself what you need to make yourself heard.

I then start my questions. I try to leave 10-20 seconds between each question. This is so I don't talk over any potential EVPs and gives them a chance to say what they want to. If you have the newer recorders that do each recording in it's own file then you might want to hit stop and start the recording again every 5 minutes or so. This makes reviewing the material a lot easier. Make sure any time you touch the recorder that you say I'm going to stop this recording and start another one now. Then on the new one say something like this is the 2nd recording for ___name of location___. Then continue your questions. Mention any noises you hear with your ears. Like a car just honked it's horn. I just heard footsteps and there's no one here. This way it gives you clues as to see if what you heard is caught on the recording. So if you hear a horn you know it was the car because you just informed yourself there was one. If you hear the footsteps on the recording and in person then you know you've got something to back up saying you heard them. etc. Sometimes you'll get responses with knocking, tapping, etc while asking questions. Those are very fun and can help spark interactive sessions. If you find questions they seem to respond to, go along with it.

When I'm done I say I'm going to turn off the recorder in a few seconds. If there's anything you'd like to add before I leave please say it now. I then wait the 10-20 seconds then say thank you for your time and if you gave me any responses thank you very much for those. I turn off the recorder and that's it.

Then when you're reviewing the recording make sure it's quiet around you and you're able to pay attention to the recording. Don't get discouraged if you don't get anything. Smile

Last step, let us know how it went Wink hehe

Any questions or pointers anyone else has would be nice.
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Evp-a how to.
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