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 EVP-history and explanation of classes

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EVP-history and explanation of classes Empty
PostSubject: EVP-history and explanation of classes   EVP-history and explanation of classes EmptyTue Feb 15, 2011 3:29 pm

The following information is taken from my groups website and may not be replicated without permission. That being said, here's information for you all to have clarification with some of the comments that are made regarding EVP

The Quality of EVP...

Class C: Faint, whispery voices which often fade in and out of audible range making it often hard to identify more than one or two words in a sentence.
Class B: Louder and clearer than Class C, but can still often fade in and out during words. One problem with Class B is that although you may be certain you hear one thing, another person may listen and hear something completely different.

Class A: This is the quality of voice all researcher want to get. The words are clear although sometimes there can still be a dispute over what is said.

A history of EVP...

The Telegraph: The telegraph was invented in 1835, and by the late 1800s was being used world wide. Strange clicks were frequently heard along with messages seemingly coming from nowhere. However, the early operators of the telegraph lacked proper knowledge of the technology and these instances were often referred to as electrical phenomena and crossed lines. Further fuel was added to these claims with the invention of the wireless telegraph. With no wires to incase the electric impulses, it was easy to believe that these messages were just crossed wires. But could they have been some of the first electronic messages with the dead?
David Wilson: Wilson had some amateur experience with the telegraph and an interest in the paranormal. In 1913 a friend told him that he was receiving strange messages through his wireless, so Wilson decided to investigate. It was in 1915 that Wilson completed a machine that was sensitive to electric fields. He believed that he would need an extra sensitive machine to pick up on the signals his friend had told him about. During observation sessions Wilson noticed the needle on the meter moving from side to side, and soon realized it was the same movements used in Morse code. He translated the messages to find not only some in English but also some in Russian. However, this discovery failed to capture the attention of the general public.

Thomas Edison: The same man that created the light bulb also believed it was possible to create an electronic device capable of making contact with the dead. It was in the October 30, 1920 issue of Scientific American that he stated, "I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as can be affected, or moved, or manipulated by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something." Edison spent most of his last years alive trying to create such a machine but unfortunately died before completing anything.
Attila Von Szalay and Raymond Bayless: Szalay and Bayless were the first people to record voices of the dead on tape in 1956. Szalay was a natural medium, and although Bayless wasn't, he wanted to help his friend out by proving that he could do as he claimed. They set up an experiment where Szalay would sit in a wooden cabinet where he could concentrate. Inside the cabinet with him would be a sensitive microphone leading to an amplifier outside the cabinet. While in the cabinet, Szalay would call upon spirits to come and speak. Not only male but female voices would be heard over the speaker and sometimes they would be heard even when szalay wasn't in the cabinet. The real discovery of what we know today as EVP (that is voices that are recorded onto a tape, which we cannot hear in real-time but are clear when the tape is played back) was made in December. After a seemingly unsuccessful session, Szalay played back the tape of the session to hear voices that had not appeared over the speaker.

Friedrich Jurgenson: In his time Jurgenson was a well known Swedish documentary maker. After making a tape of bird songs one day, Jurgenson played back his tape to listen to the songs. He was fascinated to find that on the tape he could hear a male voice lecturing about the different varieties of bird songs. Deciding that his tape recorder must have picked some interference from a local radio broadcast, he investigated all the local radio stations (including in surrounding countries) only to find none of them had broadcast anything close to what he had heard. Eager to try and recreate this phenomenon, Jurgenson left his tape recorder recording by several different natural backgrounds (for example running water). As with all EVP, nothing strange was heard during the recordings but on playing the tapes back he heard more messages. These messages not only claimed to be dead people but some even claimed to be dead relatives, and addressed him personally.

Dr Konstantin Raudive: After hearing about Jurgenson's experiments and the voices he had obtained, Raudive (a Latvian psychologist) contacted Jurgenson and asked for a demonstration on how the voices had been obtained. They experimented together for a few days and then Raudive returned to his home where he continued the experiments. In June 1965 Raudive discovered that he could get much better results if a background wave was present at the recording, such as radio static. He experimented a lot with recording radio static and received a lot of voices. Of course skeptics claimed this to just be radio interference, but Raudive was regularly obtaining messages that were personal to him and highly unlikely to be broadcast on any radio show. In 1969 Raudive published his discoveries in a book, although this didn't become popular until it was translated into English by an American publishing company and renamed. This began the widespread research into Electronic Voice Phenomenon that there is today.
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EVP-history and explanation of classes
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