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 episode where they investigate the rectory and exorcise it before lockdown

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PostSubject: episode where they investigate the rectory and exorcise it before lockdown   Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:55 am

yes, while exorcising the rectory, the demon was lookin for any other possible nook or cranny to hide in or avenue to escape. it prolly did latch onto that guy. one way pagans deal with this problem is circle of protection around the premises first to trap the entity inside the grounds, circle of protection around each individual person for protection to prevent possessions and latching on, then go room to room systematically and sealing it as you go to finally traop the entity in the last room. this is most dangerous. it is now cornered like a wild animal it will attack. the strength of the attack is not proof of strong it is compared to you or even of whether or not you are failing. it will puff itself up in a desperate attempt to make itself look bigger and more scary, it will go all out to give the impression of strength and power. the truth is that it is now injured and weak. but dont be fooled, its still dangerous. once the demon is exorcised completely, cleanse each person again. the method of exorcism depends on whether youre christian or pagan.

the reason they arent gettin much activity the next day after the exorcism is because they already exorcised the demon...not sure if they did so 100 percent successfully or just majorly wounded it...or if when the entity that they do get on evp eventually is a secondary weaker entity or a new one filling the power vacuum already..i suspect its the same demon from the night before based on its behavior. it stays quiet all night, hiding out completely in that one room till they manage to find it , at which point it becomes agressive in self defense again. it is hiding cuz it is now weak and wounded. best to hit it again right away before it recovers.
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episode where they investigate the rectory and exorcise it before lockdown
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