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 Ghost with a sense of humour!

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Ghost with a sense of humour! Empty
PostSubject: Ghost with a sense of humour!   Ghost with a sense of humour! EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 12:56 pm

flower I'm a full-time bus driver & our garage has one ladies toilet upstairs which is only open from 9 am to 4 pm for the female drivers but there's two male toilets downstairs open from 6 am-1 am so the men at night let us lady drivers use their loo's. I got back to the garage one night at 12.45 am desperate for the toilet & I had a bad cold on me. As I went into door number one I felt like I was being watched. Turned right to door number two & the air was heavy. Went through the the toilet cubicle & could actually hear someone in the next cubicle but there was nobody in there & the door was open anyway! Then I felt like whoever it was was now in the cubicle I was in! As I was full of cold I thought it was just my imagination. As I went to the main section to wash my hands the bit of old pipe that was on top of the sink (plumbers recently) began to dance around by itself so I called one of the bus cleaners, Graham to stick his head through the window & he was frozen to the spot! I thought it was hilarious but poor Graham was terrified, locked the garage as he was supposed too & I drove him home to his wife after I cashed up & did the paperwork for that shift. He stayed with me in the same room I was cashing up because of being too scared to get near the toilets! There's been various other ghostly goings on at that garage over the years, leaving one male driver so terrified he just refuses point blank to go onto the property the garage is built on & won't enter the garage unless he's been commanded to by bosses. Of course he had to enter for cashing up & getting buses to/from but he quit the job rather than go on the property! It was probably some long-dead driver wondering what a woman is doing lurking around in the gents loo! I always say hello to him now whenever I 'feel' him & he's no trouble!
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Ghost with a sense of humour!
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