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 EVPs captured while we were out.

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PostSubject: EVPs captured while we were out.   Wed May 02, 2012 9:39 am

I'm still learning how to use my recorder so it'll be a bit before I get the EVP on here. We put the recorder on when we leave sometimes. Last Friday was a great day for capturing voices. There was no one home on either side of us, kids were in school, so there was no reason for contamination. Mike and I were gone for a bit over an hour. You hear the dogs settling, then at about 5 mins in there is whistling - it wasn't my son's tv or radio(which he did leave on). It is heard above that. Then about 40 mins in you can hear the dog's crate gate move two times then a child's voice say "you want to play?" It's faint. Hannah gets up after that and moves to another place! A few minutes later another voice -older male says something like "whats up little man or what's wrong little man. At the end as we are pulling in the driveway, a voice says back again. I was flabbergasted! I'll get these posted when I figure it all out.
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EVPs captured while we were out.
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