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 Maybe this is totally strange

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PostSubject: Maybe this is totally strange   Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:50 pm

But I am caregiver for my Mom, so I sleep on sofa. I wake myself up saying things like "it's OK" and "you will be fine". I cannot distinguish reality from dreams when I am tired. It really IS true as my Mom is wandering during the night. But am I talking to her or Spirits.

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PostSubject: Re: Maybe this is totally strange   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:43 pm

if your mom is asleep also (when you say she is wandering at night do you mean she is sleepwalking???) and you are asleep, you both might be hangin out on the astral plane which could explain her sleepwalking (assuming she doesnt have any actual disorders causing the sleepwalking of course) and your talking to might be talkin to her spirit on the astral when you 2 are dreaming as well as other spirits you run into.

its ok dont be worried if you are. as far as i know or any of my psychic friends know you wont get seriously injured on the astral while in a dream even if you meet some nasty spirits your body self defense mechanism will kick in and jerk your soul back to your body and wake you up. it happens all the time and we dont realize it. have yhou ever been in between sleepin and waking and the for no apparent reason suddenly felt as if you were fallin at tremendous speed and the landed with a jerlking thud into your body sensation? that was your soul being jerled off the astral plane into your body, prolly as a defense measure.

there have been times i thought i might have connected to other living people through dreams as well. recently i was dreamin about someone i had barely spoken to in emails on the internet for some reason i dont know but as i started to wake up i felt the sudden need to force myself back into the dream to be with him a moment longer. i felt myself resist the pull of the dreamtides and travel back into the same dream almost like a door was closing but i stuck my foot in long enough to do one morte thing. i told him something to the effect of "i need to tell you something now, im waking up now so i have to go but i have to tell you that this is not a dream. i am not a dream. i am real. i am alive."

no clue why i needed to tell him that and no clue if he got the message diurectly or not as i have never been able to speak to him since then.

there have been other times i believe i have seen ghosts in my dreams. and my psychic firends have also seen spirits in theirs as well. this happens cuz there is a connection to the astral plane thru dreams.
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Maybe this is totally strange
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