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 April showers

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PostSubject: April showers   Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:04 am

April showers bring May flowers. Really? This year our May flowers will be drowned! We still have tons of rain coming for today and tomorrow, 5-6 inches more. We've already had 11 or 12 this month. On the bright side, it's not snow - we'd be trapped if it was! In ancient cultures, they would have thought they were being punished for wrong doing of some sort. Now we can blame it on one the Els. El Nino, i think.

I need sun - where's the sun? LOL flower

This been so horrible for the whole Midwest. I just read that the Missouri levee system is breaking down and this morning it has actually been breached. How terrifying! All those residents had to leave last nite. Even here, residents who live on the river were moving - moving out most of their belongings. Many said they have done it many times. It is miraculous that there were no deaths in the St. Louis tornadoes. Tomorrow is supposed to be really bad here. There is an end in sight. though. Whew!
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PostSubject: Re: April showers   Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:21 pm

Yeah this weather is crazy. It sucks for us but I view it as a good thing for mother nature overall. Every now and again we all need to just let ourselves go and unleash our flood gates. A little soul cleansing if you will.

I'd much rather she show it in weather then more earth quakes and the such.
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April showers
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